Promo Films

The Restrike of the Lion Dollar 2017
A short promotional documentary film about the restrike of a Lion Dollar at the Royal Dutch Mint for one of the oldest numismatic companies in the Netherlands and their US partners.


Netstitch Fashion CatalogueNetstitch Fashion Catalogue 2015
A short promotion film of the new Netstitch Fashion lines for people in wheel chairs, Skonn, Krekk and Pluusz.



Netstitch Promo_2Netstitch 2013
A short promotional film about an inspiring company. Netstitch is a school, a work facility and Fashion production house for people with a physical or mental disability. Their motto: Sell your talents, not your disability.

Gaby Sound Massage filmMassage Sonore 2012
A short promotional film on the healing powers of Sound Massage given by Gabriela Rosa Da Silva.